Les Elles d'Isis

Les Elles d'Isis

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Les Elles d'Isis, Refuges of the Sacred Feminine, Sensual and Imbodied, welcome you... Give back Life, Body and Voice to the Ancient Temples of the Great Goddess, millennial sacred spaces of healing, transmission, rest and expansion of the Feminine and Sacred Sexualities ... Offer true Refuge Temples to embody your Essence of Woman and to be accompanied ...

For a few hours, a few days, a few months, come and let your Body and your Heart of Woman be hold in the hollow of a Temple of the Sacred Feminine, coming from millenary traditions... A hosting place to settle, to sleep, to rest, to repair oneself, to feed oneself and to incarnate intimately your Sovereign Power of Vibrant, Sensual, Tantric and Creative Woman of His Life. To rebirth as a Priestess again ...

Les Elles d'Isis are unique places, refuges offering a holistic, intuitive, sacred and respectful welcome and accompaniment of the Feminine, combining modern psychology and millenary sacred care ...

A space inspired by the experience of many years of support, care and love to women deeply wounded in their bodies and their sexuality,

A response to their requests to find and extend these sacred spaces of welcome and support, their expressed desires, their sublime impulses, their whispered pleasures.

A Temple working for a deep and intimate return to the intelligence and sensual power of our Sacred Women Bodies...

A return to the healing Care and Touch, the Ritual, the Sorority, in the supportive sweetness of a Refuge, in complete freedom ...

Our temples of welcome and accompaniment of the Feminine and Sacred Sexualities


The cocoon

Welcome, support, accompany, rejuvenate, embody the Essence of Goddess Woman ... Extend and Magnify the space and the power of Time between Women ...

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The Refuge (shelter)

A unique "eco-gîte mandala" hosting, hosting and accompanying the Feminine and Sexuality, to heal, his body and heart of Woman bruised or on the way, and restore, nurture, love and deploy his Essence of Sovereign, Sensual and Creative Woman

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The festival

Annual celebrations and sacred parties to extend the Refuge! A Nomadic Refuge of sacred, creative and sensual body explorations in the heart of our Yoni and our Cauldron, guided by the Great Goddess Isis ...

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Wake the Tantric Priestess in you

It's time, sublime women! Time to reinstate your sublime Power of the Belly, erotic, vibrant, creative ... Time to become again the Tantric Priestesses we are, initiators of the World and in love with Life!

On this delicious path, Les Elles d'Isis offers you:

  • Personalized focused on your Women Body and Essence
  • Access to Resource Places to take time for you (rest, library of the Sacred Feminine, oils, spaces of rituals ...)
  • Free spaces of corporal & creative explorations, free (dance, voice, drum ...)
  • Deep sorority spaces, intense and infinitely sweet ...
  • A space to feel loved, supported, carried in the deployment of your own Sacred Medicine ...
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