Les Elles d'Isis

Les Elles d'Isis

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Circles, Workshops & Red Tents

« Des espaces Sacrés nous plongeant au Cœur et en Corps dans l'Essence du Féminin Sacré, dans la Puissance et la Magie de la Sororité retrouvée... »

Retreats & Workshops "Priestess of your Life"

The time has finally come to wake up the Priestess in you, to dare and radiant in your daily life and in world!
Yes, you are a Priestess, we are all ... Just remember it ... and embody it intimately, to dare it!
Finally... Time to feel, heal, nourish, display the power of your Essence of Sacred Woman. Time to rehabilitate and assume your sacred sovereignty in each areas of your life!

Isis is waking up and calling back her Daughters ... The Sacred Feminine is reembodied right now, do you hear her call, irresistible and burning, in the depth of your Sacred Belly ?


Guided by Isis, the Great Goddess, Matrix of the World and origin of all Creation and the cycle of Life, I propose a journey of transformation, evolution and expansion. A journey in Sorority, in the core Body and the deep sensations, above all... To awake your Sacred Temples of the body, in the belly, the pelvic bowl, the heart and the spirit. To cultivate yout Vital Energy at the Source, in the womb of the Earth, to feel it, to nourish it, to cure it, to ripen it, to make it juicy, soft, sparkling, and to diffuse it from Earth to Heaven, through the all of our body and our Chakras ...
A journey made of rituals, ceremonies, circles, embodied and energetic practices, internal travels, spontaneous movement and intuitive alchemical dance, teachings and initiations...

A moment to offer to yourself, a Birth to your true Self, fully Woman, Priestess of your Life!

Chakras & Essence of Woman (c)

It is a complete cycle to reconnect with your different energies and female archetypes, to live them from your body, in your daily life.

This cycle, declined in workshops or in immersion course, allows each to visit in her different facets of the Woman that she is, to accept them and give them the floor. It is a cycle that I created, an original approach combining bodily, energetic, intuitive and artistic approaches, in connection with Femininity and the specificities of the female body.

From the Earth to Heaven, each chakra, each color is declined, with an intention of Femininity, archetypes and Goddesses that I propose to associate.

Each is invited to discover the Women in her, to let her inner rainbow unfold. These times spent between women mix rituals, breathing exercises, visualization, intuitive movement, circles of words, exploration of sound, movement, meditation ... Real spaces of freedom for an intimate, sometimes moving, and often enlightening journey at the heart of your Inner Shining Goddess ...

And, always, in good humor, lightness and at the core of the Sacred!

Red Tents

What a pleasure to propose and facilitate Red Tents ... Entering the Red Tent, it is to be suspended outside the space and time ... It is being between Women, in our diversities and our Common Essence.
A Red Tent is a soft, warm and benevolent cocoon, a place of exchange and sharing between women, resulting from traditions of millennial gatherings ... The Women met there then during important times and passages of the life of a Woman (first moons, birth, marriage ...). A time to take care of oneself, to share, to support and to be supported ... A space of freedom, of sorority, of authenticity, in the sweetness and the kindness of the hearts and the bodies.

In simplicity and small group, we spent two hours under the Red Tent, to get to know each other, to deposit what is important for us, to rest our bodies, to reconnect with our nature as Wild Woman ... With softness, warmth and subdued atmosphere ...
Depending on the proposals I make, and your desires (word, song, dance, joint creation...), we will walk together on our paths of Women, mirroring the one each other.
And we nurrish our bodies with herbal teas and light pastries, juicy fruits...

I do not detail here the precise unfolding of the Red Tent, to give place to the surprise and the experience of the moment ... In sorority.

To promote respect for each, the participants commit to confidentiality: what is said and happening under the tent, remains in the tent ... This rule is absolutely fundamental so that everyone can feel totally free. Moreover, the Tent is a sacred space, everyone enters and goes out together, avoiding going out along the way ...

To respect the spirit of freedom that is dear to me in Red Tents, financial participation is free and conscious.

For more general information on Red Tents: http://tentesrouges.fr/

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