Les Elles d'Isis

Les Elles d'Isis

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My journey

"My Way is a story of profound Love for Women and Sacred Sexualities, coupled with deep respect and admiration for the Beauty and Vitality of the Female Bodies which, despite the wounds and scars, always find with sublime way of their Sensual, Vital and Creative Sovereignty... "

Elodie Mas - Psangana

Guide of the Feminine & Priestess of Isis
Neuropsychologist & Body and Energy Therapist


Les Elles d'Isis, which I have the chance tohold, is a deep love story for women ... I have been accompanying for years, with passion, kindness and infinite respect, wounded women, exhausted and burning in their bodies, their hearts and their intimacy. Today, it is the Priestess of Isis that they come to see, to reveal the Priestesses that they are themselves in pure self Love...

The Essence of Les Elles d'Isis and my guidance is to propose this deep and nourishing space, a fertile ground for the free and sovereign display of each in its Real Essence of their Embodied Goddess, powerful, wise, voluptuous, healing, alchemical.

It is to offer a unique and privileged space to the sublime and vibrant bodies of women, so that they find and express again their full intelligence, in movement and voice, in the inner union and sacred sexuality.

Neuropsychologist training, trained in body and energy therapies, I was very quickly brought to accompany women. These women all had in common deep wounds to the Innermost (sexual assault, rape, incest, physical violence ...), an identity flouted and whose body bore strongly stigma or wounds still gaping.

With patience, love, sweetness and depth, we dive together in the depths of the body spaces, in particular the space of the Pelvic Bowl and the Heart, to heal, secure, support, nourish, transform, restore the natural movement, the vital breath, to encourage the voice, the desire, the joy, to wake up and uncrease, to give birth, to deploy their Essence of Woman, deeply supple, powerful, ondulating, sensual, creative of life ...

To find the Juicy Life, the Flesh of his Essence of Woman. To birth herselves, to be born Woman, deeply embodied. In softness, power, lightness and pleasure ...
It was during these moments, and from my own journey as a Woman, that I created the method "And the Woman s'AIME®", fruit of my multiple influences as a humanist therapist. It is an original and holistic therapeutic approach, soft and sparkling, drawing from embodied (at the heart of my practice), cognitive, energetic and spiritual tools. AIME® invites every woman to dive slowly and deeply into the heart of her Essence de Femme. Step by step, everyone is invited to enter Her, to understand, feel, cleanse and regain possession of her identity, of her intimacy, of her aspirations, of her bodily, sexual, emotional and vital sovereignty ... of her life as a fulfilled woman. .
Each letter of AIME® is a step, an intimate invitation, a process towards the incarnation of her sublime Essence of Woman: from the Reception, to the deep Introspection, to the Magic and finally the Flight ...

It is therefore with passion, love and an infinite respect for the path, the rhythm and singularity of each that I accompany these women in a co-creation of a space for exploration, regeneration and deployment of their embodied Essence.

And it is to prolong these spaces, and to offer them to those who feel called, that I wish to fully deploy Les Elles d'Isis ...

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